Need GRE Help? Read This Guide!


The GRE is pretty intimidating — taking a test that changes its difficulty level depending on how many questions you answer correctly can seem scary and a little dystopian at first. As such, it’s totally normal to want GRE help, especially given how important the exam is for grad school admissions.

There’s an abundance of resources for GRE test help out there, and in this article, I’ll go over the pros and cons of each one to help you decide what’s right for you.

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How to Get a Perfect GRE Score: 10 Expert Tips


A perfect GRE score can seem like a magic bullet that will make all your dreams come true. But is this really the case?

In this total guide to perfect GRE scores, we’ll discuss what a perfect score on the GRE is. Then we’ll delve into the potential benefits and drawbacks of pursuing a perfect score and the question of whether or not you need a perfect score. Finally, we’ll wrap up with some tips on achieving that GRE perfect score, should you decide to pursue one.

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The Best GRE Reading Comprehension Practice


GRE Reading Comprehension questions can be one of the most intimidating question types you see on the exam. You’re expected to read a high-level passage on one of a large number of diverse topics, then answer questions on main idea, author’s viewpoint, supporting evidence, and more. It’s easy to feel like these questions are overwhelming, especially if you haven’t done a lot of preparation yet.

But the good news is, we’re here to help. This guide will explain everything you need to know to get great GRE Reading Comprehension Practice. We’ll go over what to expect from reading comprehension questions, how to prepare for these questions, the practice materials you should use, and strategies to use when answering these questions.

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The 4 Best GRE Vocabulary Games


Studying diligently is important for performing well on GRE Verbal. But is rote memorization of tough vocab really the only way to study for it? And more importantly, are there any study methods out there for GRE vocab that are, well, actually fun?

Follow along as I introduce you to the four best GRE vocabulary games currently available. We’ll also take an in-depth look at what qualities to look for in a vocab game and how you can integrate these games effectively into your test prep.

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The Best GRE Study Materials to Help Raise Your Score


Your GRE scores are an important part of applying to grad schools, and to get the scores you want, you’ll likely need to do some studying. There are tons of GRE study materials out there, some that are great, others that aren’t. Using low-quality prep resources can cause you to study the wrong materials and feel unprepared on test day, which can really hurt your score. High-quality study materials are key to doing well on the GRE.

That’s where we come in. We’ve created a guide that compiles all the best GRE study materials available. Whether you’re looking for official practice tests, help with a specific section of the GRE, or the best material to use for a quick study session on your phone, we’ve got you covered. In addition to going over which resources you should use, we also explain what to look for in GRE prep materials and how to create the best study plan for you.

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How to Ace GRE Quantitative: 22 Expert Tips


Whether you find math to be like a pleasant beachfront stroll or more like ascending an icy mountain in freezing winds, we can help you ace the Quantitative Reasoning GRE section. In this total guide to GRE quantitative, we’ll provide an overview of the GRE Quantitative section, go in-depth on each of the question types, offer advice on how to prepare, and give GRE math tips for test day domination! We even have some special tips for those of you going for that perfect 170 on the GRE Quantitative Reasoning section.

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How to Use Khan Academy to Study for the GRE


Have you heard of Khan Academy or have already watched some of their videos and are wondering if their resources can help you on the GRE? Recently, Khan Academy has begun to offer more resources specifically geared towards test prep. While there aren’t currently any dedicated Khan Academy GRE resources, they do offer videos on many of the topics the GRE covers.

However, it can be tricky to figure out which of their resources are most useful for your studying. Luckily, that’s where we come in. In this guide, we’ll explain how you can use Khan Academy to prepare for the GRE, which videos are most useful for the Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning sections of the exam, and the other resources you should use to supplement your studying.

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How to Make a GRE Study Plan: 4 Sample Schedules


Studying for the GRE can seem like a big task, akin to slaying a dragon that demands vocabulary and spews math problems instead of fire. To make preparing for the GRE more manageable, you need a study plan.

In this total guide to making a GRE study plan, we’ll discuss why you need a plan, what to consider when making a plan, provide four sample GRE study plans you can use, and give advice on making your own custom plan. Read on to learn how to tackle the GRE-prep dragon, piece by piece!

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How to Improve GRE Scores: The #1 Thing You Must Do


Want to score better on the GRE? In this guide, we’ll go over exactly how to improve your GRE score and lock down the numbers you need for grad school.

We’ll also discuss factors that may make it easier or harder to improve your score, and offer studying tips to make sure your prep time is spent as efficiently as possible!

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The 11 Best Free Online GRE Practice Tests


There are tons of online GRE practice tests, quizzes, and questions out there. But how do you find them? And how do you know if a GRE online practice test is high-quality and worth your time?

In this guide, we’ll discuss what makes the best GRE practice test online resources and then provide a comprehensive list of everything out there. We’ll tell you which resources to use and which ones to avoid. We’ll close out with some recommendations on using free online GRE practice tests and questions in your prep.

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